Conway defends Trump tweets

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defended President Trump's active Twitter persona by arguing he's promoting the "democratization of information."

Trump has recently been criticized for taking aggressive positions on Twitter or posting unconfirmed information, but Conway said his messages are about keeping all Americans on the same playing field. 

“His social media platform is incredibly powerful — him cutting out the middle man has angered the middle man, but that’s OK," she said Friday at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference. 

"Why shouldn't all of us in this day and age receive the same information at the same time from the president of the United States if you are able to?"

She went on to add that Trump's Twitter feed allows "the CEO … the stay-at-home mom … [and] the plumber out on the job" to all hear directly from the president's mouth. 

And she criticized the media for choosing to "dissect" each of Trump's tweets instead of bringing information contained in them to those who need to hear it.

Trump faced criticism in light of the recent terror attack in England for his use of Twitter — he took the London mayor's comments out of context to suggest he was downplaying the threat and pointing to terrorist attacks as a reason for why America needs to enact his proposed travel ban. 


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